January 14, 2015

Oh, say, have you seen...

*... Zetta-E's list for African American authored books published by mainstream press in 2014? On one hand, it's good to see so many I missed. On the other... hm. Wrack your brains for more with me.

* ...the"It's Possible" pieces on Walter Dean Meyers from CBC Diversity this week? Some good stuff there.

* ...this prose poem from Red Blood, Black Ink? In fairytales, names have power. ...and shouldn't be, prefaced with the word, "Sorry." Been there, have the T-shirt, so this one resonates with me.

* ...that our Jules is getting to hang with Sharon Draper at Parnassus Books in Tennessee? Envy!!! (Also, hope you saw the very funny Bad Kitty/Nick Bruel interview -- I want that note to Sanrio as a poster, for serious.)

... our Betsy in make-up on a recent episode of KidLit TV? One word: shiny.

...have you seen some posts go up - and come down? That was me, screwing up the post-Cybils scheduling for finalists nominees; those will reappear after Feb. 14. Mea culpa!

Happy Wednesday, it's all downhill from here!

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