September 27, 2014

"A More Diverse Universe:" Celebrating the Works of Authors of Color, Year 3!

It's that time again, Reading People!

Time flies. Last year's selection was SHERRI L. SMITH'S mind-blowing (and mosquito-the-size-of-a-hovercraft-scary) ORLEANS. In its inaugural year, we highlighted INTISAR KHANANI's THORN (HM! What is THAT author doing these days...? I need to check and see). And this year's novel is another fabulously unexpected one which I read last month -- and it's unexpectedness raised it above the other books I was already considering to recommend to the list this year. I've already reviewed it but want to give props AGAIN to BABA ALI AND THE CLOCKWORK DJINN, by Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Day Al-Mohamed.

The "A More Diverse Universe" challenge came by way of one blogger, Aarti, challenging other bloggers to read and talk about ONE BOOK written by a diverse author during the last two weeks of September. Just one. If everyone reads -- and recommends -- just one book... well, then we bloggers will finally become the change we want to see. Are you in? There were one-hundred thirteen recommendations at last count! Click here.

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