August 20, 2014

Another KidlitCon Shout Out!

Charlotte's been dropping programming peeks down on the Bookshelf lately, so I felt I had to throw down with another mini-poster, now that I know that Stephanie Kuehn is going to be at the Con on Friday! Knowing how socially limited I am, I'm just going to stand near her and squee silently, but I'm excited she's going to come and mingle and join in the conversations.

There are other fun, intelligent, and ridiculously good-looking people coming to grace this Con - and other authors not pictured on this poster, as well. (Running out of space for faces is a DELIGHTFUL problem!) It's worth coming to see friends and be a part of the conversation about books, blogging, and diversity - we might just kick off something which opens up a whole new world. Hope to see you there!

As always, click to embiggen!

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Deanna Holdsworth said...

I am so excited about attending this event!