August 27, 2012

Bim Adewunmi's "A Good Black Friend," Kindle Deals, & Etc.

Happy Monday, and it's another quick grab-bag of Things I've Been Thinking.

But first, to all of you in the Southeast this week whose skies look a bit like the one pictured here, be safe and take care, and we'll see you on the other side of hurricane season...

So, Leila is the one who first broke the story for me: YA novelist (debut?) writing a book on the evils of racism from the perspective of a.) being Caucasian, and b.) being the oppressed, and c.) using the disingenuous euphemistic names of Pearls vs. Coals in her book. That had a lot of "Eeew," written all over it, and I wasn't seeking to follow the story any further. And then it started overlapping from the kidlitosphere into other arenas of my reading. This week it's on the Guardian Blog, and writer Bim Adewunmi provides a rather damning and well spoken observation on it.

Self-awareness is a gift. In every class and discussion on race I've ever attended or been a part of, the advice has been the same: if you're going to write from the position of being part of the dominant culture, and write about the Other, then DO IT WELL. This is a primer on how to do it wrong.

Or, so it appears. I haven't yet read the book, and probably will not, as I'm in the midst of a.) moving and b.) revision, but Leila reported it was up for grabs as a freebie from NetGalley. If it is still, would there be any takers?

Speaking of freebies, have you guys all hit Centsless Books? It's basically a site that rummages through Amazon's freebie ebooks and preview pages. There are graphics and all sorts of things - some self-pubbed, but some not. I've actually run across some good stuff there. ParaNorman is on there this week. Check it out. For cheap specials check Amazon, who has taken it into their heads to do a Kindle Daily Deal strictly for children's books.

Ms. Rumphius is baaaack.

The last day to register is September 21st. While it looks like I'm not going to make it AGAIN this year (and may need to turn in my Kidlitosphere card, with the NYPL and Betsy Bird and the word FREE involved, at the very least it will be memorable. Plus, I know the guest speaker and it will be REALLY WELL WORTH YOU GOING. I mean really...


aquafortis said...

I went and read the Guardian article you linked to, as well as a HuffPo column written by the author of the books. I find it rather appalling that the author doesn't seem to be aware of the disturbing implications of her concepts and terminology--or if she is aware, she seems to be relinquishing her responsibility for having written something with racially charged implications.

I'm also even more disgruntled with the HuffPo now.

Also, sad I can't make it to the Kidlitcon this year, either. Just can't swing a trip to NYC right now, with my brain in revision I'm going to that retreat on the same weekend.

Charlotte said...

whah that neither of you can mke it to NY. Is sad.

LinWash said...

I read Bim Adewunmi's post and thought it was excellent. I'll pass that to some of my classmates.

And I'm so grateful for Centsless Books! That's awesome!