December 04, 2010

Authors, Books, and the Winter of Reading

It's just always a good time to read a book.

It's an especially good time to read a book in the cold, when it's snuggle-down-and-ignore-the-world time of year. Or, when it's dear-heaven-how-many-days-'til-Christmas time of year.

We've got you covered for gift ideas and good reads with the Winter Blog Blast Tour. Join us this next week as we invite a few of our faves in the author/illustrator world to come by. Meet Josh Berk, author of the HILARIOUSLY disturbing The Dark Days of Hamburger Halprin, a book that looks like it might be middle-grade, from the cover, but crosses over really well, the fabulous and insanely talented illustrator Uyen Pham -- who is breaking into the writing field, people, pay attention -- and finally, the Harlequin author Maria V. Snyder, creator of some of the most swoon-worthy male characters ever, and whom we are SO glad to have caught up with in her super-busy, my-book-just-came-out-this-year schedule.

Plus more fun folks on other blogs -- including Paolo Bacigalupi (squee!), L.K. Madigan (more squee!) and many more.

See you Monday!

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aquafortis said...

Can I just say how much I love that graphic, with Mr. Bookworm Goatee Boy?