October 23, 2010

The 2011 Cybil's SFF Noms, via The Enchanted Inkpot:

GOOD NEWS! Robin LaFevers has made an excellent new deal!

From Publisher's Marketplace:

THEODOSIA and NATHANIEL FLUDD author R. L. LaFevers' trio of YA romantic historical fantasies focusing on teen girl assassins in 15th century France--starting with DARK MERCY in spring 2012 and followed by DARK JUSTICE and DARK HOPE in spring 2013 and spring 2014--each focusing on a different assassin trained at a convent serving the god of death himself...

And from Publisher's Weekly Bookshelf:

In Dark Mercy, scheduled for spring 2012, Ismae learns she was sired by the god of death, is trained as an assassin, and is sent to court as a spy, where she must choose between serving her dark god and opening her heart to love. Companion novels Dark Justice and Dark Hope, each focusing on a different assassin from the convent, will publish in spring 2013 and spring 2014.

OH, MY WORD. I adore Theodosia, and have often wished that Robin would go back to writing for the YA set (she started out writing YA/older MG books - dig through your library), because she has such a gift for making smart, sympathetic, female characters. And now I get my wish!!! Wheeee!

Also: Girl assassins? Cool. And convents? Almost as good as a school for a story setting!


Click through for our 2008 Summer Blog Blast Tour interview with Robin, and heads up for this year's Winter Blog Blast Tour - coming in December!


Leila said...


That is all.

Colleen said...

What Leila said.

And wowsers.

aquafortis said...

OHMYGOD these sound awesome! I can hardly wait. I wish I had them NOW.

Robin L said...

Wow, thank you so much, Tanita! I just found this.

I am hugely excited about these books and blushing madly at your kind words.

Also, just for the record, I'd never stopped writing Theo, or girl books. In fact, there's a fourth Theo book coming next spring.

But YA? Yeah, I've been dying to sink my teeth into one of those for a loooong time.

tanita davis said...

Robin, I parsed that last sentence badly -- I meant that I was glad that you were going back to YA in reference to your very first books -- those I thought were more geared to YA, and then you did some MG. I'm totally looking forward to more Theodosia, but really love how you write female characters and we need representations of strong female characters for older readers in every genre.

Anyway, YAY!! Can't wait to read whatever else you write.