February 06, 2007

Golden Girls

Middle sister Mayzie is brilliant, and goes to a gifted school downtown. She's proud of her brain - because it's all she's got. Eldest sister Brooke is the softball star, gorgeous and forever committed to one guy or another. Palmer, the youngest, is tentatively entering into life, but the one thing she's sure of is that she's lucky, being the ONLY freshman on varsity softball and living in the safe shadow of her sister Brooke. It seems to May that though she and her sisters bear names that speak of her father's love for softball, she's the one who isn't a member of the team. He calls her 'Professor.' Sometimes she doubts if her parents really see her.

When their father dies, the Gold girls fall apart. Brooke drinks and quits her first love, softball. Palmer's desperateness communicates itself in sleeplessness and panic attacks. While their mother works endless shifts, in denial about the chaos at home, May fends for the entire family, getting a job, hitting the books, determined to push through for her dreams. She can't do it alone, though. Reluctantly accepting the help of her arch nemesis neighbor, Pete -- while being confusedly attracted to him -- May learns to drive. Accepting that she's not the only one hurting, May, Brooke & Palmer learn how to be sisters -- and family -- for real.

The Key to the Golden Firebird is a great read. You are hereby commanded to get your eyes on the BOOK before the movie comes out in 2008.

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Little Willow said...

This book is amazing. I sell it with/recomend it alongside THE ALISON RULES by Catherine Clark. FIREBIRD is the best book of Maureen's to date. Parker from TRIANGLE is my favorite of her characters.