March 23, 2006

Caged Bird

If he could figure out why everything always conspired against him, Luke would be a lot happier. It's not really his fault... I mean, his parents just smother him, and they're always on his case about wrestling. They think he's going to get hurt, and they always want to talk about this one accident he had -- they won't let it go. And his girlfriend - wow. She's so great he wonders why she's with him. Of course, when they break up, it's tough, but he was kind of expecting that to happen, right?

But, there's nothing really going on in his life, so when his English teacher asks him to write a journal for an assignment, Luke really has no idea what to write. Yeah, he was published once - he wrote a poem called The Falcon, but it's just a poem. He's not really a writer. Writing doesn't really do anything for anyone.

...and then it does.

Conscious choice and consequences are the central themes of Jackie Koller's coming-of-age novel. Sometimes self-consciously, the novel shows the subtle ways a person can become self-destructive, and ends on hopefully and positively.

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