Finding Wonderland Review Policy

Our review policy here is fairly simple. First and foremost, we ONLY review already published YOUNG ADULT FICTION (including graphic novels), and occasionally middle-grade fiction, with a specific preference for multiculturally inclusive literature. Please, no non-fiction unless it is related to writing, no picture book, easy-reader, or adult fiction, and absolutely no unpublished manuscripts. We are NOT a publishing firm, we're two writers who read, write, and occasionally recommend books. We will NOT read your manuscript.

Secondly, unless we have a prior arrangement with you individually, we are not accepting unsolicited or random books for review. PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST before sending review copies (wndrland (at) sonic (dot) net).

We love making contact with readers and writers and getting the opportunity to review books, but this is a volunteer effort, and so we cannot promise to review every book we receive, nor do we make a practice of moving our reviews to venues like,, or Smashwords. You are welcome to link back to our reviews here, but we prefer to keep things on our blog, where we own all content copy. Though we make a sincere effort to write about as many as we can, we won't ever be able to cover every book. Thank you for your understanding.